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 Shelby's Toe Rings Owner, Loree Roop, and namesake Shelby

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Phone: (949) 610-7722
Our family has been providing toe rings and handcrafted jewelry for over 31 years. And after 29 years in Laguna Beach, California, Shelby's Toe Rings moved our office to Town Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

For more information about us, see the "About Us" page, of course :)

Please reach out so we can be of help with questions, needs, anything!

                                                       Loree @ Shelby's Toe Rings

Shelby's Toe Rings 3-Ring Set

Original Shelby's Toe Rings of Laguna Beach, California

Now in Virginia Beach, Virginia!

We're now fully online.

After 29 years providing toe rings, thumb rings, and anklets at the Laguna Beach, California, store. We are now fully online and available some weekends by appointment only. Our private office is located at One Columbus Center, Ste. 600, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Pick-up and curb-side pick-up may be available by request.