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About us

Shelby’s is now fully and only online.

This is a brief share of our history:

For over 29 years, Shelby’s Toe Rings was a Laguna Beach tradition in southern California. A destination experience.

Shirley and Roger Elliott opened Shelby’s on the grass overlooking the ocean at The Laguna Village Arts & Studios at Pacific Coast Hwy and Legion Street. They started with Shelby’s handcrafted foot jewelry. They soon took over a small shop at the same location adding toe rings, finger and thumb rings, and Shirley’s handcrafted anklets. Her jewelry always beautiful, fun, and colorful whether made with chain, seed beads, findings, or her favorite - Swarovski® crystals.

Roger and Shirley (and later Michelle) built up a following of wonderful customers from all over the country, and all over the world. These Shelby Friends came year after year. They brought their sweet family and friends. They brought children as they were growing, and then their grandchildren! A wonderful generational experience for us!

I have had the honor of working with my family on and off since the late 90s. I returned again to help my mom, Shirley, and I’ve had the pleasure of training and working with truly amazing people.

Following the passing of our Mom, GG, Creator and Founder, Shirley Elliott, in March 2020 (Papa had passed away years before in 2002), we attempted a slow reopen of the store following the 2020 COVID-19 mitigation closures in the summer. The closures and requirements were difficulty.

Ultimately, Shelby and I decided to turn a new page in Shelby’s Toe Rings history and close the Laguna Beach store and focus fully online. We decided to stay together as a family and moved to Surprise Arizona. Where we operate Shelby’s Toe Rings online.

We are honored and humbled by all the Shelby’s Friends that follow us online and through Instagram and Facebook. Please tag us at #shelbystoerings. We look forward to meeting and making friends with our online visitors and guest.

If you have any needs that would have been taken care of for you at the store, please let us know so we can help you directly. We do have handcrafted items out in the world that may not be online at the moment but you may still want to order them. Let us know and we can see if we can make it for you. Pictures help and they can be emailed to us.

If you have an anklet repair, send us a picture so we can determine if it is repairable. 

CONTACT US HERE                                          

With much love and wishing you all a very happy future,             

      Loree Roop

            April 24, 2021

                Surprise, Arizona