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About us

Founders Shirley & Roger Elliott with Shelby 1991

New About Us:

June 2020 – almost 30 years at the Laguna Village in Laguna Beach!

Now fully online at

Dear Friends – following the passing of our founder, Shirley Elliott, in March 2020, followed by the COVID-19 mitigation closures of our shops in the Laguna Village, Shelby and I decided to turn a new page in our history and close the physical Laguna Beach store and focus fully online.

Shirley and Roger (and later Michelle and family) built a legacy destination toe ring and anklet store. This small, fun store started on a table on the grass where the valet parking lot stands today.

Although it was very difficult to make the decision to go fully online, we're excited about Shelby’s online future!

Our namesake, Shelby, is my daughter and Shirley & Roger’s granddaughter.  A move to fully online will allow us (me!) to be together with my granddaughters. This was something my family was unable to achieve while manning the store in Laguna Beach. Online, we have options. And during this time, we found out that it can be done.

Over the next days and months, we will improve and add to Shirley had so many wonderful items in the store that did not make it to our website. We will continue to make those items, expand on them, and add them to our website.

We absolutely look forward to meeting and making friends with our online visitors and guest, and we hope our in-store friends and long-time customers will visit us now online.

If you have any needs that would have been taken care of for you at the store, please let us know so we can help you directly. Our contact link is below at the bottom of this page.

                                           Loree Roop, June 2020

About us:

Shelby's started in 1991 and is named after the first grandchild of Shirley and Roger Elliott. They began selling Shirley's handcrafted foot jewelry with a table and an umbrella on a grassy bluff overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach, California. They quickly grew and opened their store at The Laguna Village Art Studios & Shops, adding sized-to-fit custom toe rings, thumb rings, and handcrafted anklets.

Our beloved Papa (Roger) passed to Heaven in 2002. And our beloved mother and creator (Shirley), who has been carrying on Shelby's since Papa's passing, passed March 2020. Many of our regular customers got their original toe rings from this loving duo! 

Thank you for visiting here online!

We enjoy serving our customers and helping them with their choices, fit, and sizing!